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Short Bio: Dolly Chaiwala, also known as Sunil Patil, is an Indian tea seller and he has been selling tea since 2007. Dolly is a social media influencer who is famous for her unique style and her tea shop called “Dolly’s Tapri”. Gained fame for. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates shared a video on his Instagram profile in which he was saying to Dolly Chaiwala, ‘One tea please’. This video went quite viral.

Who is Dolly Chaiwala: Dolly Ki Tapri

Dolly Ki Tapri
  • Background:
    • Dolly Chaiwala was born on December 27 in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. His zodiac sign is Capricorn.
    • During his teenage years, he started working at his elder brother’s tea shop, which later became famous as “Dolly Ki Tapri.”
    • His tea stall is located on Civil Lines, VCA Ground, Nagpur.
  • Unique Appearance and Serving Style:
    • Dolly Chaiwala stands out due to his long colored hair, stylish goggles, and distinctive clothing.
    • His way of serving tea to customers became viral on social media, attracting attention from all corners.
  • Celebrity Encounters:
    • Many celebrities have visited his tea shop, including Anurag Dobhal, Ashish Vidyarthi, Nimrat Kaur, and Nani.
    • However, he gained worldwide fame in February 2024 when a video of him serving tea to none other than Bill Gates was uploaded on social media.
  • Online Presence:
    • Dolly Chaiwala runs a YouTube channel called “Dolly Ki Tapri Nagpur,” where he shares content related to his tea shop and unique persona. He has around 9 lakh subscribers on YouTube.
    • His Instagram account, also named “Dolly Ki Tapri Nagpur,” boasts 9 lakh followers.
  • Awards and Recognition:
    • Dolly Chaiwala received the Digital Influencer Award at the Lokmat Social Media Awards in 2023.
    • His bike collection includes a KTM RC 200 motorcycle.
  • Fun Facts:
    • He likes traveling during his free time.
    • His style was influenced by the character of Jack Sparrow (played by Johnny Depp) in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.
    • Dolly Chaiwala has appeared in advertisements for various brands.
    • In September 2023, he was featured in the music video for the Hindi song “Tere Yaar Ka Time” by Vmc Rapper.

Physical Stats & More

Physical Stats & More
Height (approx.)in centimeters– 170 cm
in meters– 1.7 m
in feet & inches– 5’ 7”
Weight (approx.)in kilograms– 50 kg
in pounds– 110 lbs
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack

Relationships & More

Marital StatusUnmarried
Affairs/GirlfriendsHe is single

Dolly Chaiwala Family

ParentsNames Not Known
SiblingsBrother– 1
• Shailesh Patil (Elder)

Dolly Chaiwala Net Worth

Dolly Chaiwala, the charismatic tea seller turned social media sensation, has captured hearts with his unique style and vibrant personality. Born as Sunil Patil in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, Dolly’s journey from a humble tea stall to global recognition is nothing short of remarkable.

His net worth, estimated at ₹10 lakh, reflects not only his financial gains but also the immense value he brings to the digital landscape. Dolly’s fame transcends borders, with millions following his Instagram and YouTube channels, eagerly awaiting glimpses of his colorful life.

From serving tea to Bill Gates himself to receiving the Digital Influencer Award, Dolly’s story is one of resilience, creativity, and authenticity. His bike collection, including a KTM RC 200, adds to his charismatic aura.

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As Dolly continues to brew success, his net worth symbolizes more than just monetary wealth—it represents the power of individuality, the magic of social media, and the joy of being true to oneself.

So, raise your teacups to Dolly Chaiwala—a man who turned chai into a global phenomenon! ☕💫

Dolly Chaiwala Bill Gates

Dolly Chaiwala, after serving tea to Bill Gates, said, “I had no idea at all, I thought he was a person from abroad so I should serve him tea. The next day when I went back to Nagpur, I saw ‘ People were talking about ‘whom did I serve tea to?’ Everyone was saying that I served tea to Bill Gates.

Dolly Chaiwala  Brand Ambassador

Dolly Chaiwala gained immense fame as a tea seller turned social media sensation. His unique style, colorful appearance, and viral videos caught the attention of millions. However, the rumor that he became the brand ambassador for Windows 12 is not true. It originated from a satirical news parody account on Instagram, The Bindu Times. Dolly Chaiwala’s encounter with Bill Gates during the Microsoft co-founder’s India visit further fueled the speculation, but officially, there is no such appointment. While Dolly remains an internet sensation, his role as a Windows ambassador remains fictional.

Dolly Chaiwala Social Media

Dolly Chaiwala, the internet sensation tea seller from Nagpur, Maharashtra, has experienced remarkable growth in popularity over the past few years. His unique style, chai preparation methods, and lively personality have captivated millions. Here’s a glimpse into his journey:

  1. Unique Persona:
    • Dolly stands out with his flashy shades, funky hairstyles, rocking gold chain, Bluetooth earpiece, and macho attitude.
    • His roadside tea stall, known as “Dolly Ki Tapri,” always draws a crowd of amazed customers.
  2. Tea Sales:
    • Dolly estimates selling at least 500 cups of tea per day, priced at ₹7 each.
    • His daily earnings range between ₹2500 to ₹4000.
  3. Digital Fame:
    • Despite limited formal education, Dolly rose to fame from a small corner tea stall in Nagpur to global recognition.
    • His active YouTube channel, “Dolly Ki Tapri Nagpur,” boasts 1.46 million subscribers.
    • On Instagram, he has over 3 million followers who love his tea stories and vibrant persona.
  4. Bill Gates Encounter:
    • Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest men, flew all the way from the United States to sip a cup of tea specially prepared by Dolly himself.
    • The viral video of Gates enjoying tea at Dolly’s stall catapulted him to international fame.
  5. Business Success:
    • Dolly’s journey proves that you don’t need an MBA to be a successful businessman.
    • His unique brand and authenticity have contributed to his remarkable growth.

Dolly Chaiwala’s story is a testament to the power of individuality and innovation. ☕🌟

YouTubeDolly Ki Tapri Nagpur


Is it true Dolly Chaiwala brand ambassador?

Microsoft hasn’t even hinted at a release date for Windows 12, expected sometime in late 2024 or early 2025. In fact, there’s been no official word from the company about working on the OS, let alone enlisting Dolly Chaiwala as its face. In the business world, such news usually comes with fanfare—a press release or an announcement. But neither Microsoft nor Bill Gates have uttered a word about this. So, the news from Bindu Times is definitely just for laughs.

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