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Round 2 Hell Biography | Wiki, Net Worth, cast, Real Name, Instagram, income, & More



Round 2 Hell is one of the biggest YouTube Channel in India. This Youtube channel is run by Nazim Ahmed, Zayn Saifi and Wasim Ahmed.

Round 2 Hell Biography

Round 2 Hell Biography | Wiki, Net Worth, cast, Real Name, Instagram, income, & More

Round 2 Hell is a comedy based YouTube channel owned by Nazim Ahmed, Zayn Saifi, Wasim Ahmed. Their videos are based on roasting and comedy.The channel was founded on 20 October 2016 by the idea of Nazim Ahmed. initially they started posting football game videos as Nazim Ahmed liked football and so desired to be a football player but  he could not succeed. their First video got about 120 views. tthey didn’t even imagine that so they made a part 2 video but the result was the same . They were so disappointed and lately changed their content type to roasting and sketch comedy videos. They started getting response on roasting/comedy videos but that was not enough so they got disappointed again. The family of Zayn, Nazim and Wasim did not support them due to their content. It was ‘Alam Saifi’ who encouraged them to post new videos.

After the arrival of Jio, there was panic in the telecom sector because Jio had left everyone behind and their 15th video “Jio users after 31st march” Went viral. They got over 10k+ views from this video and got self encouraged and their next video ” Mauka Mauka India vs Pakistan” Had gone viral again. The day after they are touching the skies with glory. Nazim Ahmed, Wasim Ahmed and Zayn Saifi ( actual name Shahrukh Saifi) are best friends from school time. All three of them born and grew in Pakwara (Uttar Pradesh). Nazim, Wasim and Zayn passed intermediate by modern public school, Alam inter college, PMS public school respectively. They are not good in study so they dropped out college after 12th.


Round 2 hell Wiki

 All Member Full Name Nazim Ahmed, Zayn Saifi and Wasim Ahmed
Age (As in 2021) Nazim Ahmed(26 Years), Zayn Saifi (25 years)and Wasim Ahmed(29 years)
Home Town Pakwara, Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh)
Nationality Indian
Religion Islam
Profession YouTuber

Some Interesting Facts About Round 2 hell

  • They disclosed the reason behind the name of channel and also said that it doesn’t have any meaning. The selection for the name was random. Actually, a day before creating the channel, Zayn Saifi was car drifting, the anonymously did some nerve-racking drifts and made video with help of a friend and later posted on Instagram. While watching video he realised that if somehow he had lost control during round drifts, it had surely turned his life into hell. He captioned his video as Round 2 hell and the next day while registering to YouTube studio they named the channel “Round 2 hell”.
  • The very first earning from YouTube after the Monetization of channel were donated to charities and foundations for the poor.
  • According to sources, R2h earns money from brand promotions, Sponsors, Adsense.
  • Their monthly estimated income is $25k – $50k and estimated annual income is $500k- $1000k and their total channel revenue is $8 million which is over 8 crores in Indian rupee currency.
  • Round 2 hell channel has over 24 million subscribers in present and 2.56 billion views increasing at a rate of 0.05%.
  • The global rank of Round 2 hell is 178 and 40th rank in India.

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